For Enterprise

Designed for large enterprises and corporations to help them manage sales data, employee attendance, location, orders, competitor analysis, customer feedback and much more. Custom-made software to cater all the unique needs of the business.

For Corporate

Tailored to handle complex tasks and cater unique needs of the business. Set up easily and integrate different add-ons for advanced reporting, forecasting and analysis.

For Small Team

Intact ready to implement software for small team that can be deployed within your budget. A simple and usable design with intuitive features for new users and small business.

Better decision-making to set effective Marketing Strategies

Market research integrated with CRM empowers businesses to comprehend top marketing trends. Through market research, organizations are able to learn the future aspects of their business and always stay one step further.

  • Get detailed analysis of your competitors' performance and treat that info as a reference point to upgrade your business.
  • Identify the weaknesses and strengths of the business and learn how to augment the business performance, quality and services.
  • Easily Integrate several online tools to utilize their functions and gather essential data.

Lighthouse offers the best CRM software in india. We are ranked as the top CRM software provider. Our CRM software for small business is different in the global market. Lighthouse is the best CRM software development company in India.

Get useful analytics of customer data

CRM automates the sales order process for tracking the whole journey of supplied goods from dispatching to reaching the customer. Through automation, CRM harnesses Cloud-computing technology for collecting customer orders and sending invoice details through web portals for enhancing customer experience.

  • Identify the bottlenecks in the supply chain and manage the flow of goods.
  • Get enhanced visibility and deep insights about the item purchase to make sure the item reaches the right customer safely.
  • Upgrade customer experience through driven conversations

We are known for sales CRM software which enables us to rank even higher. Lighthouse also has a best CRM mobile application that sets us unique in the digital market.

Boost your sales by devising beneficial schemes and pricing strategies.

Build persuasive schemes and pricing strategies to boost sales and increase traffic with CRM. CRM enables businesses to set right marketing strategies for promoting market revenue growth.

  • Generate more traffic by offering good deals on products and services.
  • Plan the schemes and pricing offers effectively by observing current and future market trends.
  • Plan, create and launch new products in market and build market share.

Engage customers and enhance their experience

With CRM, businesses can elevate their customers' experience by giving them world class services. CRM is able to track a large amount of customer data and analyse it to help businesses optimize their services as per the needs of customers and increase their sales growth and profitability

  • Build customers trust by giving them the best services.
  • Establish strong customer communications.
  • Improve the decision making process.

Get digitized feedback and complaint responses to mitigate customers' issues

Get accurate, honest and real-time feedback from customers with CRM. Online feedback with integrated softwares assists in analysing the consumers demands and complaints which helps organizations in giving best of the best services.

  • Ameliorated sales reporting and analysis.
  • Acknowledge consumers requirements proficiently.
  • Improve your services by knowing your performance from customers.

Get competitive advantage by customization & integrations

With the help of customization of softwares, organizations can incorporate their significant functions for meeting the unique requirements of their business and benefit in getting ahead of the competition.

  • Harness the power of innovation to design your uniquely personalized software.
  • Get freedom to scale the business without the need of implementing new softwares and systems.
  • Equip cloud technology to amplify the business processes.
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