The Indian Pharmaceutical Sector has emerged as among the top 5 pharmaceutical markets of the world. New laws, policies, and regulations, as well as intense market competition and rising business budgets, have made the majority of processes and techniques widely used by pharmaceutical companies very strenuous and stiff in the absence of technological support. With increased business budgets and expenditures, as well as new issues and challenges, medicine manufacturers are forced to work harder while producing fewer results, putting pharma representatives at a disadvantage and increasing the workload of primary care physicians.

Implementing a powerful and resilient technology system for supervising pharmaceutical operations that are aligned with the major business processes can significantly help pharma organizations deal with these challenges.

When it came to keeping up with (digital) trends, pharmaceutical marketing used to lag behind. As the times are changing, Pharma marketers are adapting to changing consumer expectations as traditional marketing practices decline.

Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing in Pharmaceutical companies is not a huge concern. However, setting up right marketing strategies helps businesses in staying ahead of the competition. Despite many people still seeing pharmaceuticals as commodities, marketers know that branding is the only way to help differentiate these companies. Understanding consumer needs, rather than creating or improving products, is the key to growth in the pharmaceutical industry. With this in mind, pharmaceutical marketers will focus on identifying customer needs and developing solutions to meet those needs.

  • Understand different customer needs and devise better strategies to stay ahead of competition.
  • Attract the attention of potential customers by promoting a variety of products and services.
  • Determine current market conditions based on customer behavior and purchase habits.
  • Realign markets based on territory, product, segmentation categories or even regulations.
  • Insights gleaned from CRM data enable marketing to classify certain types of customers logically.
  • Plan the best time to engage with each group in order to maximize their marketing efforts and increase campaign ROI.
  • Automate campaigns to keep marketing on track.
  • Integrate data sets to aid the prediction of emerging trends, allowing marketers to stay one step further.

Distribution and payment

Pharmaceutical distribution entails a variety of activities such as supply administration, packaging, transportation, warehousing, and supplying to various stakeholders, as well as store location planning. Managing all of these activities concurrently while ensuring business profitability may prove to be a difficult task, which is why pharma companies must rely on a well-designed Distribution Management Module of CRM software, which can provide a wide range of benefits as listed below.

  • Gives complete access to information to the retailers about available stock and can easily place orders for it.
  • Identifies and closes inventory gaps and makes the manufacturers stay aware about it.
  • Ensures that the customer always finds what they need with the retailer.
  • Diminishes the consequences of stock shortages.
  • Ensures that every pharma retailer operates efficiently.
  • Keeps the critical information such as the expiry date of medicines and other supplies in check.
  • Enables the distributors to make data-driven decisions, resulting in more efficient sales operations.
  • Monitor several distribution warehouses through a single platform and automate inventory administration.
  • Make quick decisions about stock replenishment.
  • Enables order forecasting, real-time product data visualization, and data-driven supply and demand forecasting.

Workflow automation

In order to automate CRM workflows, business processes must mature. Automating inefficient or wasteful processes may exacerbate the problem . Businesses should optimize their processes before attempting to automate them. However, automating mature and optimized processes can help organizations gain a competitive advantage in terms of speed and cost. CRM software for ayurvedic pharma industry can gather lead information at every point of interaction and consolidate them in a single location. Pharma companies are able to capture more information through the CRM for ayurvedic medicine manufacturers, as well as utilize accurate tracking and identify the most effective channels for engaging with them.

  • Reduce the likelihood of human error by automating tasks with better software.
  • You can provide a more satisfying work environment for your employees by automating mundane tasks.
  • Rather than hiring manpower, hire talented people.
  • Reduced labor costs.
  • Tasks can be completed more efficiently by integrating various departments within the organization.
  • Increase sales and marketing efficiency by obtaining real-time data.
  • Increase the company's size without adding new systems or employees.
  • Consolidate data and concentrate on what is most important to you.
  • Manage large amounts of data and easily align multiple marketing campaigns.
  • Analyze data, find prospective leads, and follow up on leads as soon as possible.
  • Handle customer service tasks as efficiently as possible.

Expense Reporting

Business expenses are a critical concern for every business, and it's difficult to manage with manual processes, paper receipts, and handwritten notes.

By using software to track and monitor employee spending, businesses can speed up the expense management process, reduce errors, and distribute reimbursements more quickly. The expense management module is responsible for tracking employee expenses and determining how the organization will reimburse them. Additionally, it employs the policies and procedures used to manage this type of spending.

  • It is possible to submit expense reports and related documents from a computer, tablet, or smartphone, including scans or photos of bills.
  • Get rid of the need to fill out paper forms and affix sales slips.
  • Payments are credited back to employees' bank accounts, and payment delays are eliminated.
  • With Automated Expense Reimbursement, employees can submit reports quickly and easily, reducing the time it takes for the manager to approve them.
  • Allows for faster money transfers back into employees' bank accounts.
  • Errors and delays are eliminated, increasing customer satisfaction.

Quote and Invoice

With the quotation and invoice management module of the CRM software, you can identify potential leads within your company and plan production forecasts to effectively start the sales process. The CRM quote management tool simplifies the sales proposal process with its simple invoice and quotation generation features. Our quote management solution can also be customized to meet your specific requirements and integrated with other accounting software if you have it.

  • Create personalized invoices for various accounts.
  • Create an invoice and send it manually, or schedule it to go out at a specific time during your billing cycle.
  • You can now check the status of your payments (pending, received, scheduled).
  • When a payment is past due, you will receive an immediate notification and will be able to send follow-ups directly from your dashboard.
  • You can get quotes faster with automated billing.
  • Use a variable pricing strategy to generate automated invoices and quotes for each customer.
  • Using various rate cards and pricing charts, the built-in rate contracting software generates the appropriate contract price for each customer.
  • You can generate detailed quotes in seconds by using built-in rate cuts and discount restrictions.
  • Calculate and display a total price for each order, making inventory management easier.
  • Use and manage a comprehensive billing software system.
  • Receive a detailed report on your outstanding payments, approved payments, received payments, and quotations created, among other things.
  • Reports should be run on a regular basis to keep track of delinquent payments and missed billing periods.

Complaint management

The CRM's Complaint management module is an effective tool for addressing customer issues and improving services. A well-organized complaint management process lowers the possibility of delivery or manufacturing errors. Customers' feedback is routed to the appropriate department via CRM, allowing the product to be improved in the future.

  • Allow your customers to provide feedback through their preferred platform.
  • You can easily manage and organize all of your customer information in a consolidated CRM database.
  • Keep track of your clients and prospects via multiple customer touchpoints such as social media, email, website, blog, and so on to increase customer engagement.
  • By effectively monitoring consumer complaints, you can help your company respond to them as quickly as possible.
  • Make a good first impression, instill trust in your organization, and eliminate any negative thoughts.
  • Improve the efficacy of the customer relationship management process.
  • A central repository system stores all of your client-related data in one location.
  • Bring together all of your prospects and current clients in one place.

Tracking Features

CRM solutions can gather lead information at every point of interaction and consolidate them in a single location. Pharma companies are able to capture more information through the CRM, as well as utilize accurate tracking and identify the most effective channels for engaging with them. By mapping the patterns of behavior that lead to a purchase, activity tracking can assist sales teams in moving proactively, recognising early on when a lead is ready to convert.

  • Gain valuable insights by developing effective strategies with the assistance of analytics tools, and drive ROI.
  • Track leads with ease and ensure they are worthwhile of your time and money.
  • Improve your follow-up strategies to convert leads into prospects.
  • Differentiate leads based on their preferences.
  • Use the information gathered to your advantage and cut costs.
  • Rank leads according to their quality using lead scoring.
  • Nurture leads and improve interactions with prospects.
  • Provide your representatives with information regarding the lead journey before they approach a random lead.

Order Management

A systematic Order Management process increases the efficiency and productivity of sales activities while also improving customer service. CRM projects must satisfy the customer contact strategy by integrating with existing operational processes and structuring back-office procedures. Lighthouse CRM software for Ayurveda & Pharma Industry employs a holistic view of processes and organization to achieve the best amount of integration between a CRM solution's framework and the company's existing back-office structures.

  • Keep track of new orders and add the most recent order information.
  • Keep an eye on your inventory.
  • Order types for customers can be easily segmented based on category, quality, and scale.
  • Real-time access to inventory and stock information.
  • Maintenance and inspection costs can be reduced with automation.
  • Real-time tracking and order status improve service delivery and customer satisfaction.
  • Improve service delivery by optimizing back-office functions.
  • By integrating all systems with an expanded cloud platform, you can improve information sharing and reporting across all departments.
  • Reduce paperwork and ensure the long-term viability of the organization.

Campaign Management

The pharmaceutical industry needs to promote a variety of products and services in order to attract customers' attention. Campaigns are an effective way to promote the pharmaceutical industry. However, when the industry chooses a tool to run the marketing operation, they will gain additional benefits. CRM provides unique ways to run an automated campaign intelligently. CRM capabilities enable the sales team to carry out well-planned marketing activities that increase sales.

  • Know your audience and easily devise effective marketing strategies
  • Make use of readily available marketing tools
  • Run Marketing and advertising campaigns on every platform and track their success directly from your CRM.
  • Create a number of marketing campaigns and phases for different customer groups and have them generated automatically.
  • Organize email marketing campaigns as well as other types of campaigns such as PPC, Google Adwords, and traditional marketing methods.
  • Manage all of your marketing initiatives and combine different campaign stages.
  • Make new leads by filling out web forms with your contacts' information and assigning them follow-up tasks.
  • Create detailed database listings and segmentation to help you filter your contacts for different campaigns and sub-campaigns.
  • Set up automatic marketing programmes to stay in touch with your contacts on a regular basis.
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